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Is it possible to look natural after nose surgery?

It’s possible, of course. There are different techniques for natural nose. Many of our physician friends also practice these. If you have an operation in this way, it will not be obvious that you have already had an operation.

Can I wear glasses after nose surgery?

It depends on the technique of the surgery. You can wear Push Down Rhinoplasty one month after nasal ridge sparing surgery. We do not do much to the back of the nose because we do not have a relationship with the back of the nose.

I had nose surgery in a different place, but I don’t like the shape of my nose. Do I have a chance to have surgery again?

Of course, every patient has a chance of surgery. Especially after the first operation, at least 6 months should pass. After this process is completed, it is first necessary to evaluate it from the ethical point of view of its own physician. If the patient has a problem in this regard, he can have his second or third surgery in another center.

What is Piezo Surgery? What is the difference from other nose surgery techniques?

Piezo surgery is not actually a nose surgery technique. Piezo instrument used in piezo surgery is a surgical instrument used only for cutting bone. It is used within approximately 5-10 minutes of the operation. Of course it has its advantages. They are surgical instruments that cut only the bone tissue and do not damage the soft tissue. As a disadvantage, a little more tissue dissection is required to use these surgical instruments.

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