Bizi Aray─▒n!
Bize Yaz─▒n!

    Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation that changes the cosmetic and functional structure of the nose. The methods applied during this surgery are not generally known. RHINOPLASTY is performed with very advanced technological methods in the province of Izmir and surgical techniques that constitute the future of rhinoplasty are widely used at present.

    Y├╝cel Birinci is one of the surgeons who apply the latest current surgical methods in ─░zmir, especially by using the closed technique and protective surgery together. This surgery, which serves to eliminate many reasons why most of us are afraid of having a nose surgery, is known as preventive nose surgery.

    The reason why it is known in this way is related to the fact that the outer surface of the nose is not opened during the operation. The procedures are handled entirely through the nose. In this case, the existence of scars that will remain on the nose after surgery is prevented. Both visually and psychologically disturbing scars will not be seen after closed protective surgery. Since the connective tissues and bone cartilage integrity are preserved, natural and durable nasal results will occur, and the healing will be very fast. Therefore, every method performed in the Birinci Clinic is carried out by following advanced technological developments. Because it is among the main goals of the center that the patients can undergo the operation comfortably.

    No Worry About Rhinoplasty!

    Each of us cannot help but worry when it comes to rhinoplasty, because this surgery has been told to us with frightening details for many years. However, having nose surgery is now very easy due to the closed protective nose surgery technique, and it is golden standard method for us to feel better spiritually. Recovery is limited to 1 week. No stitches or skin incisions. There will be little or no bruising.

    What are the Considerations for Rhinoplasty?

    There are sensitive points that people who want to have rhinoplasty surgery should pay attention to, the first of these points is related to the correct selection of the surgeon who will perform the operation and the center to be performed.

    Birinci Clinic is a highly popular RHINOPLASTY clinic in Izmir. The progress of Y├╝cel Birinci in cooperation with his patients makes the patients feel not as if they are going through a tiring process but in a more comfortable period. In this challenging process, it is important that the selected physician and his/her team deal with both the patient and his/her psychology. Patients go through a somewhat difficult process in the first two days and expect high attention and affection. The selected team should also provide this service to the patient.