Aesthetic surgeons, who perform highly demanded aesthetic applications in the current period, are also in high demand in the city of Izmir. The two most important issues we want to receive from a plastic surgeon are to make our aesthetic appearance better than before, and to pay attention to issues related to our health while doing this. This is the most important point to consider when choosing aesthetic surgeons. Because aesthetic applications made by people we do not know and who do not have a good experience and knowledge in the field can harm people in general. It is up to us to prevent this. It is very important to always include honesty and professionalism among the working principles of aesthetic surgeons. In addition, the service offered should always follow the technological developments. When you want to have a nose surgery, it is useful to turn to surgeons who meet these criteria.

    How Your Surgeon Should Be?

    In the period when each of us is in search of a aesthetic surgeon, we are looking for these principles. We expect the surgeon to treat you the way we want them to be, to pay attention to hygiene and meticulousness during the applications, and most importantly, to ensure that we are not only physically beautiful but also mentally well. Because these details are very important. Making changes in one part of our body is not as simple as it is said, so it is very important to take the operation seriously and to get the best service from the best plastic surgeon while having this operation. The variety of techniques applied by the surgeon is also important. Because it is not possible to solve all nasal structures with a single type of technique. We, frankly, decide what kind of technique we should apply because of the analysis we make with each patient before the operation. Rarely, we choose the open technique, where some nasal structures can only be corrected with this technique, but to a large extent we choose the closed protective method. Because if we can, we think that it is more comfortable to get the result without making a skin incision and opening the dorsum of the nose. Another issue for both the physician and the patient is revision rhinoplasty. The surgeon who will operate on you must be performing secondary and tertiary operations. Because there is no surgeon who can make all noses perfect, and some patients will need a second surgery.